It is the desire of every Muslim that he or she receives and earns as much Ramadan blessings in his or her life possible. When month of Ramadan is available to them, their major focus is on praying and worshiping in this month as much as possible so that they gain and attain maximum blessings and mercy from ALLAH. Besides focus on good deeds and prayers in Ramadan month, there is another thing which Muslims focuses and that is the arrival of the month of Shawwal.

The month of Shawwal is mainly known for the festival of Eid-ul-fitr that takes place on the first day of this month. Though, there are very small numbers of people who are well-known with the fact that this month of shawwal instead of marking an ending of Ramadan can actually help carry on the mercy and blessings associated with month of Ramadan. Furthermore, the month also holds significance in the history of Islam as well. Below we are going to discuss the fasting in the month of Shawwal along with the historical significance of the month.

 Six Fasts (Roza) In Shawwal:

For common and ordinary people fasting is limited to the month of Ramadan only and once Ramadan ends it is the end for them of fasting till the next time. Though, there are many people who desire to remain in the dream created in the month of Ramadan and desire to carry it forward. For such people the month of Shawwal is an outstanding opportunity to get their hands on gaining maximum reward possible. People who know about keep six fasts (roza) in the month of Shawwal to earn greater reward. Those who keep six fasts in the month of Shawwal along with the previous fasts of Ramadan get a reward equal to fasting a entire year. Though the fasts of the month of Ramadan are the obligatory fasts (roza) with their set reward, it is until they are complemented with the fasts of Shawwal that they lead to reward equivalent to a year’s fasting. In the same way, the fasts of the month of Shawwal are Nafli fasts and these six fasts have their individual reward, but if these fasts are not complemented with the obligatory fasts of Ramadan then a person does not get the whole year fasting reward.

The reward of fasting in Shawwal is not limited to fasting only; but the reward is extended to every good act and deed performed in the state of fasting in Shawwal.

So, the fasting in Shawwal helps in achieving reward for the rest of the year and in addition to the rewards of fasting, the good acts and deeds performed during the fasting days also help in gaining ten times the reward for good deeds as well. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Packages 2017 from UK.


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