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Hajj, the Sacred Pilgrimage

Hajj the obligatory fifth pillar of religion Islam and in order to perform Hajj, Muslims have to undertake the sacred journey to most sacred city in the whole world Makkah.  Performing Hajj is an obligation on every able Muslim to perform at least once in a life. Every adult, sane and able Muslims female or male should do effort to fulfil this religious obligation at least once in whole life span.

Requirements and Conditions to Perform Hajj

In order to perform Hajj main requirement or condition is that a person should have to be Muslim, after this Muslims needs to mentally sound and sane, he or she has to be old and mature enough to understand the meaning of performing rites and rituals of Hajj, an intended Muslim must be free, financially able to bear the expenses of the whole duration of the days of Hajj he or she spend in Makkah, Muslim should have to be physically fit so that he or she can perform all the rites in active and perfect manner. There are so many blessings and rewards that one can earn by performing Hajj in perfect way and with complete dedication.

Importance of Hajj

The Hajj is an act of worship; it requires Great Spirit of pilgrims and a dedication to perform every rite and ritual with deep heart and strong intention. For performing Hajj pilgrimage around two million Muslims visit Makkah from all around the world. All Muslims without any discrimination meet with each other and perform rites and acts of worship together. In order to perform Hajj, pilgrims need to wear Ihram; wearing Ihram is the necessary condition for performing Hajj. Male pilgrims have to wear Ihram consists of 2 piece of white coloured garments and ihram for females are their casual clothing but that must be in loosing, it is suggested to wear abaya over casual garments. Hajj is a blessed act of worship which removes and strips away all kind of distinctions and differences of status, class, wealth, race, culture and colour etc and all Muslims stand equal before ALLAH Almighty and perform rites of Hajj.
Nowadays, with improved and advance infrastructure and great development project, increased number of pilgrims will be able to perform their religious obligation easily and comfortably. Makkah is the sacred city and a common meeting place for all Muslims who visit Makkah from whole world, it creates deep impression on several pilgrims and their faith becomes stronger.

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